Libation Trailer

Libation Trailer

Libation Trailer

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Libation Trailer Size

Overall Dimensions: 15 feet long x 6 feet wide

Cold Box Dimensions: 8 feet long x 4 feet wide and 5 feet tall

The trailer has a double axle, so it can stand on its own and does not need to be tethered to a truck when in use

Tap Information
⊕ 10 Taps

⊕ Perlick Beer Faucets

⊕ Flow Control

⊕ 2 possible taps for wine

⊕ Sanke kegs

⊕ Corny kegs


⊕ CO2

⊕ Nitrogen Blended (75% Nitrogen/25% CO2 gas)

⊕ Full CO2, all Nitrogen or Combo

⊕ Beer, Wine and premixed Cocktails



⊕ Trailer must be plugged in at all times

⊕ 110V power system

⊕ 100 foot power cord

⊕ Double outlet (+ 2 USB)




More Information
⊕ Drains plumbed together

⊕ Stout Bottle Opene

⊕ Rubber mats

⊕ Rubberized floor




10 Taps

  • Perlick Beer Faucets with Flow Control, allowing control of foam/head issues as the beer is being poured.

  • 2 taps can replace the Perlick taps, as they are full stainless steel, perfect for wine on tap.

  • All 10 taps are set up to pour both Sanke (Standard Type D) and Corny kegs (Ball Lock) without any tools to switch between the two styles of taps.

  • Corny kegs are perfect to serve wine, pre-mixed cocktails, mixers and home brewed soda.

  • 1 Stout (Nitro) tap is available for any Nitro beers being served.


  • This Libation trailer is equipped with both CO2 (red tubing) and Nitrogen Blended (75% Nitrogen/25% CO2 gas (blue tubing). All taps can be can be set up in full CO2, all Nitrogen or a combo of each, making it very easy to pour Beer, Wine and premixed Cocktails. This is another reason this trailer is so unique and versatile for any event.

  • Both CO2 and Nitrogen tanks are located in a lockable cage outside the cooler, and each has their own regulator.

  • Nitrogen is a perfect gas to pour non-carbonated beverages with, including wine and non-carbonated cocktails (such as Hurricanes, Margaritas, Manhattans, Negroni or Old Fashions).

  • CO2 not only works for helping push beer out of a keg, but for carbonating and keeping cocktails like Gin & Tonics, Mimosas and French 75's carbonated and quick to dispense.

  • I have 5 and 2 gallon Corny kegs available for rent to pre-mix cocktails or for homemade soda (a perfect non-alcoholic alternative for some of your guests)


  • Must keep this trailer plugged in at all times, to ensure proper serving temperature.

  • This trailer has a 100 foot power cord with a standard 3 prong plug, making it very flexible with its placement.

  • One standard 110V outlet (15 amp circuit) is needed to operate.

  • There is a double outlet (and 2 USB) on top of the trailer, which can be used to plug in party lights, power music or charge almost anything.

Additional Information

  • Each set of two taps has a drain, which are all plumbed together.
  • The trailer rental included a 5 gallon bucket as a collection tank.
  • Each side of the trailer is equipped with a stainless steel magnetic Stout Bottle Opener, perfect for customers who want to keep their caps and eliminating cleanup of caps after an event.
  • Rubber mats are zip tied to the outside landing and are installed on the inside of the cooler, to prevent slippage.
  • A rubberized floor helps prevent leaks.
  • The cooler is installed with a light, for easy switching of kegs.

Rental Information

Daily Rate: $350.00 (+ delivery & cleaning fee)
Weekly Rate: Contact for quote
Monthly Rate: Contact for quote

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