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Home Brew Chef is a place for chefs, the at-home gourmet, foodies, home brewers and pro-brewers to explore Beer Cuisine, get inspired and re-think how craft beer is used in the kitchen and at the table.

We are primarily influenced by the passion we have for beer. Both beer and food have infinite flavor possibilities that we exploit to the highest level. We look at beer as a vehicle to add flavor to a dish that cannot be substituted by any other ingredient.

We have available, recipes that cook with craft beer | home brew using flavor combinations that push the boundaries of taste, achieving the optimal beer and food dining experience.

Beer Cuisine

This site focuses on beer cuisine, cooking with beer, pairing beers with food, and techniques for doing this at home. You will find seasonal recipes using unique beers that will showcase a dish, Home Brew Chef VIP highlights of breweries that are on the cutting edge of the craft beer movement, and recipes for brewing beer.

Chef's Table

Select restaurants offer a ‘Chef’s Table’ where guests are invited to dine at a private intimate table away from the main dining room with an unobstructed view of the kitchen, chef and staff, for an exclusive experience with the executive chef. At Home Brew Chef, I am inviting you to a seat at my virtual ‘table’ that gives you an up close and personal interactive experience in learning how to cook and pair with beer.

Become a Member

Being a member gives you exclusive access to a unique multi-dimensional digital cookbook that includes a variety of culinary tools;

  • Recipe scaling
  • Correlated shopping lists that can be viewed via smart phone, tablet or printed from a desktop
  • Video demonstrations showcasing cooking techniques
  • Cooking with beer do’s and don’ts
  • Tips for pairing craft beer with cuisine

The Chef’s Table at Home Brew Chef is where members get an inside look at my inspirations that define the boundaries of beer cuisine.  I look forward to dining with you soon!

Limited recipe access only.


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