Here is a list of some of my recipes.  Most of the recipes below are what I would classify as Beer Cuisine or Cooking with Beer.  I find that cooking with beer will give the final recipe more complexity, add balance to some recipes while taking other to new levels in taste.  I try to use several different Beer Styles for some of the recipes, with the hopes of helping you see “Outside the box” or think differently about a recipe.   

I look at a recipe more as an inspiration, a thought that becomes flavors rolling off the tongue, key ingredients shining through, ending in a moment of enjoyment. 

As a chef and homebrewer, I wanted to encourage experimentations within each recipe.  Since what I might have on tap is different than what might be available to you, I have listed Beer as an ingredient.  At the bottom of each recipe are suggestions for commercial examples that can be used.  I’d like to hear from you, if you tried a beer recommended or went out of the box and used a different beer with great results.
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Molecular Gastronomy:

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
Strawberries and Cream - Deconstructed
Espresso Imperial Stout Shot