Makes 8 Oz of Caviar


1/4    Cup      Westmalle Tripel
1TBSP     Sugar, organic
1/2    TSP       Kosher Salt
8 Oz Salmon Caviar, pre-cured with basic blend

Tripel Cured Salmon Caviar

Place 8 ounces of prepared Salmon Caviar, either cured or store bought into a clean 8 ounce jar (1).  In a measuring cup, add ¼ cup of Westmalle Tripel, sugar and salt (2).  Mix together until the sugar and salt have dissolved.  Add this mixture to the jar with the caviar.  Seal with a lid and let sit for 2 hours, to absorb the flavor of the Trappist Ale.  Pour the beer brine off the caviar and the it is ready to use. 

Use the Brewer’s Cracker recipe and break into small bit size pieces.  Add some Goat Cheese or Crème Fraiché and top with the Tripel Cured Salmon Caviar.  Garnish with chives, chervil and/or black flaked salt (3).