Thanksgiving has to be one of my favorite holidays.  Just think: A long weekend of great food, beers and good times.  In my family we make Thanksgiving weekend into a four day food orgy.  We all converge to Sun River, just outside Bend in the High Dessert of Oregon.  We create, share, teach and commune together in the kitchen and at the table.  Each breakfast, lunch and dinner become extravagant combinations of flavors and textures.  Then of course there is the big meal, the feast.

The day after Thanksgiving, we converge on the local breweries and find a smile on all our lips with the fresh nectar off the taps. 

Here a few Thanksgiving related beer recipe suggestions for the big day.  Enjoy.

For more information, techniques, ideas and recipes, check out "The Home Brewed Chef Show" on the Brewing Network discussing the Thanksgiving feast in detail.
Thanksgiving Beer Menu Suggestions
Roasted Root Vegetable Soup
Parsnips, Rutabaga and Imperial Red Ale

Thai Inspired Pumpkin Coconut Holiday Ale Soup
Served with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds and a Holiday Ale Foam

Persimmon, Pancetta and Arugula Salad with Holiday Ale Vinaigrette
Infusing the flavors of Fall into a salad, used the spices from the beer as a focal point in the seasonal side dish

Beer Brined Free Range Chicken
Brined with Hefeweizen, Lemon, Garlic and Bay Leaves

Beer Brined Free Range Turkey
Brined with Oktoberfest, Lemon and Bay Leaves

Rogue Brewery JohnJohn Juniper Pale Ale Beer Brine for Poultry
Juniper Spiced Ale with Oranges, Sage, Honey and Bay Leaf.

Tipsy Turkey
Using a Holiday Ale in a brine to enhance the natural flavor of turkey

Duck Porcini Stuffing
Braised in Belgian Dubbel with Artisanal Bread and Herbs

Hazelnut Brown Ale Caramelized Leek Stuffing
The mixing of hazelnuts, leeks and cubed bread become the perfect all purpose stuffing for any feast!

Cornbread Stuffing Infused with Chorizo, Roasted Peppers and Lager
A spin of a classic cornbread stuffing, if one want to go south of the boarder for Thanksgiving

Roasted Garlic IPA Mashed Potatoes
With touches of garlic balanced out by the bitterness of an IPA, these mash potatoes will stand out
on the plate as a knockout addition to the meal

Avery IPA Garlic Mashed Potatoes
A unique and twist to the classic mash potatoes

Mashed Yams with Old Ale
The sweet and earthy flavors of roasted yams blended with a malty Old Ale add depth to this side dish,
updating this recipe to a modern Thanksgiving setting.  These yams may be topped with Westmalle Dubbel Marshmallows to bring the childhood nostalgia back to the dish.

Candied Garnet Yam in a Spiced Allagash Dubbel
Yams braised in Belgian style Dubbel with Fall spices

Potato Celery Root Purée
Similar to the classic mash potato, yet in a whole new dimension

Pumpkin DBA Spätzle
Tossed in a ‘Ceylon’ Cinnamon Infused Browned Butter

Doppelbock Wild Mushroom Gravy
The combination of homemade stock, earthy wild mushrooms and the malt backbone of a Doppelbock lager
work together in harmony.  Drink by its self in a shot glass or add any turkey or spoonful of mash potatoes.

Old Jubilation Wild Mushroom Gravy
By using a Winter Warmer, this gravy has hints of nutty earthiness, along with toffee and a touch of bitterness,
that when blended with mushrooms, takes on a wonderful complex flavor, great on any turkey!

Cranberry Wit Sauce
Cranberries, Orange Peel, Coriander and Wit Sauce

Fall Spiced Cream Soda
Think cream soda meets your morning chai with a touch of Autumn
From 2008's Beeradvocate November issue article, “Give that Turkey a Brew”, are some more recipes that include:  Beer Injected Turkey, Vienna Lager Wild Mushroom Gravy, Pumpkin Barley Risotto and a Holiday Ale Cheesecake with Barley Malt Crust.
And at your local news stand, this month’s issue of Beeradvocate, Volume II Issue X, has recipes that include a Turducken, Pork and Caramelized Leek Stuffing, Purple Rice and Dried Cherry Stuffing, Ciabatta Stuffing With Mixed Fresh Herbs and Deschutes ESB, Cranberry Reserve Chutney and a Pumpkin Imperial Stout Tiramisu.

For the how to make a turducken pictorial, please visit the anatomy of a bird page.
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